Fall Maintenance: Avoid Gutter Problems

This time of year usually includes leaves changing colors and beginning to fall in South Central Pennsylvania and Northern Maryland. Even though Mother Nature has had different plans for us in 2017, the time for these fall rituals will be here soon. As leaves start to fall, it’s important for homeowners to take steps to avoid gutter problems this winter.

Think gutter maintenance isn’t important? Think again. Skipping this necessary chore is known to cause flooding, cracked foundation, falling gutters, and rotting wood. As roofing and gutter experts, we’ve put together our top tips for gutter cleaning and maintenance this fall.

Gather the Right Tools.

The successful completion of any task requires the right tools for the job. When it comes to your home’s gutters, you need a steady ladder, gloves, hand shovel, scraper or brush, tarp, and a hose or power washer. Gather these items before climbing onto your roof to minimize your time and efforts.

Remove Debris from Gutters.

Once you have the right tools, lay your tarp on the ground where you will be working. This gives you an area to place your debris. Using your gloves, remove any debris, leaves, or sticks from the gutters by dropping it to your tarp below.

Check for shingle Debris and Build-up.

After you remove the debris, use a scraper or brush to scrape away buildup in the gutters from asphalt shingles, dirt, and other elements. Depending on how long this buildup has been overlooked, it may be difficult to remove.

Use a Power Washer.

Once you remove as much debris and residue as possible, you can use a power washer or hose to break away any remaining dirt. This will also clear any debris in the downspouts.

Complete a Visual Check.

Look at your gutters and downspouts to see if there are any obvious leaks, warped areas, or broken or loose hangers. Storms and excessive wind can damage or break these over time.

Call a Professional.

Professional roofing and gutter companies offer free roof and gutter inspections. Hiring an expert in the roofing and gutter industry assures there are no oversights, minimizes disasters early on, and saves you from costly repairs.

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