Tips to Avoid Roofing Scams

As a homeowner, you work hard to create a safe place for your family and belongings. One of the most important parts of keeping your home safe from outside forces is your roof. A roof is a costly investment and replacing or repairing your roof isn’t a decision to rush into quickly. Unfortunately, many individuals are quick to hire based on price which leaves them wide open to becoming the victim of a roofing scam.

As a trusted roofing contractor in South Central Pennsylvania and Northern Maryland, we often hear from homeowners when it’s time to fix a faulty roof replacement. To avoid becoming one of these homeowners, here are three common roofing scams to be aware of:

Storm Chasers.

A big storm followed by an unknown roofing company knocking at your door is the first sign they are looking to make a lot of money in a little amount of time. Roofing contractors that show up after a storm often come from out of town and, in some cases, out of state.

They go door-to-door or leave flyers in mailboxes saying that most homeowners are unaware of roof damage and offer to do an inspection. Once they do an inspection, they encourage you to file a claim with your insurance carrier to cover the roof replacement. It is appealing because the only out-of-pocket cost is your deductible.

Years after the roof replacement is finalized, homeowners start to see leaks because the craftsmanship on the roof replacement is poor. By then, the roofing company is long gone forcing the homeowner to pay a new company to fix the problem.

Repair Only Roofers.

Repair only roofing companies don’t offer full roof replacements. They are able to sell their services because roof repairs cost less than replacements. In many cases, they don’t actually fix your roof damage; they patch it or cover it up which can lead to bigger and more costly repair expenses later.

Hidden Fees.

A reputable roofing company will provide a scope of work as required by law in Pennsylvania and Maryland. This scope should include exact costs or a not to exceed cost of the project, so you know all the fees upfront. The roofer should also be able to explain the details of each expense and why they recommend certain steps.

Are you looking to hire a reputable roofer to inspect, repair, or replace your roof? Here are 3 tips to make sure you don’t end up being ripped off:

Do Your Research.

It’s easy for contractors to make promises that are too good to be true. It’s impossible for them to hide negative experiences and reviews on the Internet. Use trusted websites like the Better Business Bureau or Owens Corning Platinum Preferred Contractor to see what other customers say about their professionalism and work quality.

Gather Multiple Quotes.

Don’t go with the first quote you receive. Contact multiple roofing companies in the area to compare quotes. Chances are they will vary greatly in cost and scope of work provided. Once you have quotes, ask questions until you feel comfortable with the contractor.

Look Locally.

Hiring a local roofing contractor means you won’t have to worry about them packing up and leaving town. Hiring locally means you can see past projects firsthand as well as do more in-depth research.

For a complete list of questions to ask a roofer, check out our blog, “ 9 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Roofing Contractor .