Types of Gutter Problems & How to Fix Them

One important part of your home’s roofing system is the gutter system. Their main job is to keep water moving off your roof and away from the home’s foundation. When they fail, your home experiences unwanted damage like flooding, damaged foundation, or moisture in the attic. Each of these scenarios can cause long-term damage to your home that is expensive to repair. The best way to avoid these types of damage is to properly maintain your gutters and fix any problems proactively.

Here are four types of gutter problems you may experience and how to fix them:

Clogged Gutters.

Clogged gutters occur when something gets stuck in the gutters and prevents water from flowing freely. This is common in fall and winter months when leaves fall on your roof. Fixing a clogged gutter is easy. You just need to remove the debris that is keeping water from draining. To avoid clogged gutters, schedule time every quarter to check and clean gutters.

Damaged Gutters.

Gutters are located in a prominent spot to take the brunt of most storms that come through our area including wind, hail, and snow. Over time, the force from the weather can cause damage to gutters including cracks, loose fasteners, or missing components.

Check your gutters several times per year for loose or missing fasteners and reattach or replace when necessary. You can purchase fasteners from a local home improvement store. You can repair small cracks with caulk or sealant, but larger cracks may require a gutter professional to replace the damaged gutters.

Gutter Holes.

Holes can slowly form in gutters during their use. These are often caused by water staying in one area. Even the smallest amounts of water can cause erosion and rust over time. Just like the cracks, if the area is small, you may be able to fix it with caulk or sealant. If larger holes are apparent, a gutter replacement could be necessary.

Change in Slope.

Professional gutter companies install gutter systems to properly align with the roof and the earth around the home. Over time, earth and homes can shift as they settle which can cause the gutters to become unaligned. This change in slope can also occur if there is too much weight on the gutters. When this occurs, you need to realign the gutters to properly drain water away from your home.


To prevent these types of gutter problems, it is best to perform routine inspections and maintenance throughout the year on your own or by contacting a professional. Lack of gutter maintenance can lead to greater damage later. Avoid the expense and mess by doing a roof and gutter inspection today.