Spring Maintenance Tips

8 Spring Maintenance Tips

Spring is just around the corner and with it comes warmer weather and longer days. We all want to enjoy the weather but it’s also a time to do maintenance around the home to ensure your home lasts and stays safe. Check out these ideas for spring maintenance:

Inspect air conditioning unit.

You may not need it right away but it’s time to get your unit(s) ready. Whether you have central air or window units, make sure filters are replaced and it’s clear of any leaves.

Inspect exterior.

Winter can be brutal with harsh weather conditions. Check your roof for damaged shingles and fix. Check siding, windows, and door screens for any damages or holes as well.

Inspect attic.

Over the winter months, animals may have taken up residence in your attic away from winter weather. Check for animal nests and remove any, as well as animals, that you find. Check for holes from animals or winter weather and fix them to continue to ensure proper ventilation and keep water out of your home.

Clean gutters.

You may have cleaned out your gutters in the fall but since some leaves fall late, there may be more waiting for you come spring. Take this time to clean them again and also check to make sure they are not pulling away from the house and that they drain properly. You may also have to replace or fix any downspouts that came off during the harsh winter weather.


Winter leaves behind some gunk whether it’s in the form of debris, salt, or potential for mold from too much moisture. Powerwash your siding, decks, and sidewalks to brighten up your home’s exterior and keep your home from deterioration. Make sure you have the correct powerwash nozzles to ensure minimal damage from powerwashing.


Many people landscape in the spring in order to make their home look good for the summer. However, there are other benefits as well. Check for any tree branches that are about to fall and make sure you remove them so the branch does not drop on someone or on your home. Also, trim back any overgrowth of trees or bushes from your home to protect paint from scratches and moisture.

Stain decks.

Wood decks need to be stained in order to help them last longer and prevent from rot and other damage. They should be stained every 6 years especially if uncovered.

Repair driveway.

Again, this is another place that the harsh winter weather can do damage – whether it’s from water getting into cracks and icing over expanding the cracks or from using a snowblower, shovel, or plow on your driveway. Now is the time to fix these issues before they worsen.

Completing these 8 steps can help to maintain your home longer as well as keep you and your family safe in the coming season!