What is Gutter Guard

Gutter Guard: Why You Need It

Cleaning out the gutters is usually not a favorite household chore. However, if you don’t, your gutters can become clogged allowing water to overflow which can cause your roof to deteriorate and leak. Luckily, there is a better way to maintain your roof and gutters with gutter guard.

What is Gutter Guard?

Gutter guard is a type of shield that is installed over your gutters. It allows water to filter through into your gutters and out the downspouts while preventing leaves, twigs, seeds, and other debris from collecting in the gutters. Gutter guards can be made from many materials including:

  • Mesh – metal sheets with tiny holes that fit over gutters
  • Reverse Curve – positions water to fall down while positioning leaves to fall to the ground
  • Bottle brush – bristles that face upward, allowing debris to rest on top while water drains away
  • Nylon – prevents snow and ice buildup
  • Foam – a type of plastic that fits directly into gutters and keeps debris out

Contacting a gutter and roofing professional can help you to determine which type would best suit your home based on current gutters, weather conditions in your area, and type of debris needed to be deterred.

Why is it Important?

Installing gutter guards is important for many reasons including:

  • Minimal Maintenance – Gutter guard helps to keep your gutters clear of debris, minimizing time spent cleaning gutters and on a ladder.
  • Home Protection – It helps to protect your home, walls, foundation, landscaping, and roof from deterioration created by overflow of water from clogged gutters. If water overflows onto your roof or home, leaks can occur.
  • Reduces Insect Breeding Grounds – Insects tend to build nests and homes in stagnant water created by overflow when gutters can’t drain properly.
  • Saves Money – While there is a cost associated with purchasing the gutter guards and installing them, since it helps to improve the life of your home and roof, there is less money spent fixing or repairing damage.

You want to keep rain flowing through your gutters and into the downspouts to keep it off your roof. Installing gutter guards can help by keeping your gutters clear and your roof and home safe for your family.