Spring Cleaning Checklist For Your Home

Check These 12 Items off Your List This Spring

Now that Old Man Winter has finally gone into hibernation, you are probably ready to use the warmer weather to tackle projects around the house.  We all know about the basics of cleaning house inside, such as dusting cobwebs, washing windows and floors, and vacuuming, etc.; however, there are more areas, both inside and out, that need attention.  Here are 12 must-do items for your spring cleaning checklist:



  1. Replace air conditioner filters and make sure AC unit is free of leaves/debris.


  1. Replace all smoke and carbon dioxide detector batteries.


  1. Touch up paint on interior doors, trim, and wood.


  1. Repair or replace torn window and door screens and wash those not needing repair.


  1. Clean and organize closets and other storage areas inside your home. A good rule of thumb is if you haven’t worn it or used it in a year, get rid of it. Have a yard sale or donate old but wearable clothing, shoes, and jewelry along with hardly used furniture and household items to a local charity or family shelter.


  1. Inspect the attic. Over the winter months, animals may have taken up residence in your attic away from winter weather. Check for animal nests and remove any, as well as animals, that you find. If you find holes, contact a roofing contractor to inspect and repair.


  1. Check your roof for damaged or missing shingles. Inspect your roof for debris as well as siding, doors, and windows for dirt and/or damage. Clean and touch up with paint where needed.


  1. Clean gutters and downspouts. You may have cleaned out your gutters in the fall but since some leaves fall late, there may be more waiting now that winter is over.


  1. Sweep and power-wash your siding, decks, garage door, door fronts, and sidewalks. This will brighten up your home’s exterior and prevent deterioration. Make sure you have the correct power-wash nozzles to ensure minimal damage.


  1. Clean porches/entryways. Wipe away cobwebs, shake out entry mats, and clean outdoor light fixtures and porch and/or patio furniture. Also, clean outdoor trash cans.


  1. Stain decks, wooden porch railings, etc. If you have a wood deck or porch, check to see if it’s time for staining. Wood decks/porches with high sun exposure tend to need staining more often than those in shade.


  1. Landscape. Plant flowers and shrubs.  Weed and mulch flower beds. Check for tree branches that are about to fall and make sure you remove them so the branch does not drop on someone or on your home. Also, trim back any overgrowth of trees or bushes from your home to protect paint from scratches and moisture.