Types of Roofers to Avoid

Avoid These 4 Types of Roofers

Home maintenance and repair contractors are a “dime-a-dozen” but reliable, reputable contractors, especially professional roofers, are worth their weight in gold and sometimes as hard to find.  In spite of the abundance of internet home improvement referral websites out there, homeowners continue to fall prey to scammers posing as roofing contractors because they fail to follow a few basic guidelines.  If you want to save time, aggravation and money on your next roofing project, steer clear of these 4 types of roofers:

The friend of a friend or handyman next door.  

While it may be tempting to hire a friend of a friend or the neighborhood handyman who does roofing jobs on the side for half what the pros charge, resist the urge. These types of “contractors” typically work without liability insurance or workers compensation, exposing you to all kinds of legal problems.  Since they are likely only working on the weekends, there’s no guarantee they will finish your roof on your schedule. If work is left unfinished and results in damage to your home (i.e.-flooding), your homeowner’s insurance may not cover it.

A company that uses subcontractors

Hiring a large company that primarily uses subcontractors increases the likelihood of getting sub-standard work.  Do your homework online by researching the roofing company, reviewing the subcontractors reputation, how long they’ve been in business, and what customers say about them.  You’re better off hiring a quality roofer in your local area with a proven track record than a big company with lots of negative reviews.

Storm Chasers. 

This “unsavory” sort chases major storms from state to state or town to town to find work on damaged homes.  They usually work without liability insurance or workers compensation and have little care for quality workmanship since they’re not local and are “here today and gone tomorrow.”  Some of these roofing contractors demand a big upfront deposit and then, instead of showing up to work at all, skips town with your hard-earned money.

A “regular” roofer vs. a “specialist” for complex systems.

Among professional roofers, you’ll find many who offer the standard asphalt shingle roof, but only a small number who are trained in special systems like: PVC, TPO, slate, tiles, cedar shakes, metal and EPDM rubber.  If you hire a “regular” roofer to install one of these specialized systems, you are setting the stage for disaster.

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