How Do I Fix My Leaky Gutters

Tips for Fixing Leaky Gutters

Leaking and sagging gutters can cause serious water damage to your home’s siding and foundation as well as your yard. In many cases, the damage can equal thousands of dollars in repairs.  Proper gutter maintenance and repairs early prevent these extensive damages. Here are some helpful tips for fixing leaky gutters:

Clean out the clogs.

Gutters that are in good condition can still have water leaking from the sides as a result of being clogged with leaves, twigs, and other kinds of debris from storms and animals.  Keeping your gutters clear of clogs is tiresome and time-consuming, so if you don’t have much time or energy for this sort of thing, you might consider hiring a pro to clean them out or having a new seamless gutter protection system installed.  These systems are connected directly to the downspout and have fewer leaks and clogs over their lifespan.

Seal the holes.

Sealing leaky gutter joints and small holes is relatively inexpensive.  You can purchase a tube of sealant for around $5 and apply it from the inside the gutter.  For larger holes, you can use a gutter patch kit found at home improvement stores for about $10 or try gluing sealant to a scrap of metal flashing. If the hole is very large, replacing the gutter is the best solution.

Re-fasten gutters.

Sometimes the hangers, nails, or screws used to fasten your gutter to the roof come loose, allowing runoff water to flow over the edge and damaging your facia boards. If this happens, you’ll need to grab the ladder and re-attach the gutter to the roof.  Use a stronger fastener or several for security; however, if your fascia boards are deteriorating, the gutter won’t stay attached and you’ll need to replace them.

Properly space hangers.

Hangers are used to properly mount gutters onto your home. For best results, hangers need to be placed a maximum of 3 feet apart. Any further apart, and you risk sagging from the weight of the rain and melted snow. As the water settles and builds up over time, the gutter system can rip away from your house, leaving you with a hefty bill to install another gutter system.

Replace weak joints.

The joints in a gutter system are the weakest areas and are prone to clogging and causing leaks.  The obvious fix for this is replacing the joint, but sealing/caulking it might not be enough to get the job done based on the exact type of leak.  If the gutters are sagging at the joint, the leak may return.

 Fix the seams.

Welding or soldering your gutter system together is sometimes beneficial; but if you use too many seams or don’t secure them properly, the gutters can break.  A seamless gutter system is the best way to prevent this from occurring.

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