Signs it’s Time to Replace Your Windows

How to Tell it’s Time to Replace Your Windows

Just like your roof, windows are an essential part of your home that offers more than a backyard view. They protect your family and property from outside forces including the unpredictable weather we experience in Pennsylvania and Maryland. Even though windows are important, they often get pushed aside as one of the lesser thoughts about home improvement tasks.

High-quality windows that are installed properly should last twenty years. If you not sure how long ago your home’s windows were installed or think it may be time to consider installing new windows, here are six common signs to look for.

It is a Struggle to Open or Close Them.

Listen for squeaks when you open your windows this fall to let some cool crisp air inside. If your windows make some unwelcoming noise or are hard to open and close, it is a good sign they may need replaced. You will also want to pay close attention to how well they stay open. If the window slides down, there may structural damage that requires the help of a professional.

You Feel a Draft.

Do you ever walk past a window and feel a draft of cold or hot air? Drafts are a sign that the window is not properly installed or sealed. When air can find its way indoors, it is difficult for homeowners to maintain a comfortable temperature and can lead to increased energy bills.

Energy Bills are on the Rise.

Even if you don’t notice a draft right away, you may see a spike in your monthly energy bills when windows aren’t working properly. Unexpected energy bill increases can also occur from a faulty roof or entry doors. It is best to contact a professional to do a roof inspection as well as check your windows and doors.

Water is Leaking Inside.

If air can find its way inside so can water, especially during a storm. Rain leaking into your home over a period of time can cause severe damage to the structure and floors. Ignoring this problem long-term will result in mold, mildew, and rotted floors and walls.

Condensation Appears.

Condensation on your windows isn’t always a bad thing. If you notice condensation between your window panes, this is a sign that your window seals are not working properly and need replaced.

They are Warped or Broken.

Some broken windows can be fixed or replaced including weather stripping and hardware. However, if you notice windows or frames are warped or rotting, it is time to replace them.

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