Winter Home Improvement Projects

Home Improvement Projects for the Winter Months

As the temperatures continue to fall, many homeowners in Pennsylvania and Maryland find themselves stuck indoors more than usual. If you’re looking for something to do that leaves you feeling accomplished, there are plenty of home improvement projects that you can tackle indoors this winter. Before you forge ahead, the professional roofing contractors at Bealing Roofing in Hanover PA put together a list of home improvement projects that increase property value and decrease energy costs year-round.

Enhance Walls with Modern Touches

Are your walls still the same dull white from the day you moved in or that popular mustard yellow from the 1970’s? Adding a coat of fresh paint can take your home from drab to warm and inviting overnight. For some creative inspiration, take a look at these top 15 paint colors for 2018.

If painting isn’t necessary, it might be time to update trim, add crown molding, or additional accents to give your home a more modern appearance.

Add a Backsplash in the Kitchen

Adding a backsplash in the kitchen is a great way to spruce up the area without spending thousands of dollars. The best part of this project is that homeowners get to channel their inner personalities with the endless number of tiles available at local home improvement stores.

Add Insulation in the Attic

While adding insulation to the attic isn’t as exciting as painting or designing a backsplash, it is a valuable task. Not having the proper amount of attic insulation is often times the culprit of high energy bills in summer and winter. Contact a professional roofing company to inspect the roof as well as the attic insulation to find out how much insulation they recommend you add.

Replace Windows

If windows are more than 20 years old, they might be letting unwanted air into your home and valuable heat out of your home during the winter months. Fall and early winter is a great time to replace windows with energy-efficient versions that will help with energy costs year-round.

Upgrade your Doors

More than likely, if you have 20-year old windows, your doors are just as old causing some of the same issues including unnecessary drafts. Installing new entry doors go a long way in reducing energy loss in the winter and summer. If doors just need a little sprucing up, consider replacing knobs or painting.