Steps to Make Gutters Work Better This Winter

Winter Maintenance Tips for Gutters

Gutters tend to get ignored during the winter months. Considering the extreme temperatures South Central Pennsylvania and Northern Maryland tend to experience along with the shorter days, it comes as no surprise to professionals at Bealing Roofing & Exteriors, LLC. While gutters play an important role in your home’s roofing system by diverting water away from the foundation year-round, they are more important in the winter than they get credit for.

Winter in the northeast means freezing and thawing of snow, ice, and rain. When these elements freeze, they also expand, pushing on any surrounding surfaces which can cause damage. When snow in your gutters melts and then freezes, gutters experience pressure from the expansion which can result in gutter damage. Homeowners can’t control the weather, but there are steps that you can take to keep your gutters working properly all winter long.

Clear the debris.

When gutters are filled with debris, there is no room for water to flow freely towards a downspout and away from your home. During the winter months, debris increases the chances of water pooling inside the gutters, freezing, and damaging the gutters. Using a sturdy ladder, heavy gloves, and a mini garden shovel, homeowners can remove the debris rather easily.

Properly insulate the attic.

A properly insulated attic impacts more than just the home’s interior. Having the right insulation maintains the roof temperature and prevents water from freezing in gutters before draining off the roof. It also keeps snow from prematurely melting and draining into the gutters. Double check attic insulation or hire a professional roofing company to inspect it and assure the right amount of insulation is present.

Check for leaks.

Inspect gutters for leaks at the seams or holes in the metal. This is also a good time to ensure all bracings and anchors are sturdy and attached to the house properly.

Inspect downspouts and diverters.

In addition to clearing debris from gutters, downspouts and diverters should be checked for clogs. Inspect the area where water drains away from the house to confirm water flows freely and doesn’t pool at the base of the downspout.

Don’t ignore damage.

If homeowners find damage in any area of the roof or gutter systems, they should tend to it quickly. Some tasks can be completed without help; some should be completed by professionals that thoroughly understand roofing and gutter systems.

A professional roofing company will also be able to suggest whether or not heating elements for gutters or the roof would be helpful. When installed properly, gutter heating cables melt snow and ice during the winter and prevent freezing from occurring.

Contact the professionals at Bealing for a free roof and gutter inspection this winter. Our team thoroughly inspects the roof, gutters, and attic to make sure you are ready for the cold temperatures and minimize unexpected mid-winter projects.