New Years Resolutions for Your Home

Home Improvement Tasks for 2019

2019 is a year full of energy and potential and while many of us are declaring New Year’s resolutions for ourselves, it is also a great time to focus on changes to your house. The best part about setting resolutions for your home is you don’t have to tackle them every single day. Instead, these are tasks you can schedule on your calendar now for once a quarter and still reap the benefits of positive results.

Declutter Every Room.

This task is often a popular one for homeowners at the beginning of a new year; it is also one that gets brushed aside once you feel overwhelmed. However, once you get through the initial phase and commit to it throughout the year, it is a lot easier than you think. Start by walking through each room in your house or apartment. Collect the items that you don’t use, haven’t touched in six months, and no longer match your style tastes in a bin or box. From there, open drawers and closets and remove items you don’t need. Schedule a time every quarter to get rid of clutter by adding it as an appointment to your calendar. By tackling it throughout the year, the process is much more manageable.

Cut Energy Costs.

The good news about cutting energy costs is you don’t have to invest in solar panels to see results. Energy can be wasted in a number of ways depending on how old your home is. Start by sealing HVAC ducts you can reach with duct sealant or mastic to reduce leaks. Other ways to cut energy costs is to install insulated windows and checking your attic for adequate insulation and holes that let heat out. Other ways to reduce costs include turning the lights off in rooms that are not in use, turning computers off nightly, set the heat or AC at a different temperature when you are away, and install LED light bulbs.

Schedule Necessary Inspections.

Calling on the professionals to inspect appliances, systems, and the structure of the home is essential to maximizing the life of the home’s key components. Homeowners should schedule HVAC checkups twice a year along with roof inspections. Doing both of these regularly will help assure your home isn’t wasting energy.

Organize One Space Every Month.

Make a list now of the spaces that need help with organization. Set aside time every month to tackle one of these spaces. Once you have a list, create a wishlist of items you need to properly organize including bins and storage systems. Price them out now and set aside a portion of your budget each month.

Decide on Big Projects Now.

Do you have a wishlist of renovation projects for 2019 and beyond? Put your ideas on paper at the beginning of the year and prioritize what you want to accomplish. By having a plan, you will spend less time later analyzing, stressing, and deciding what to do first.

Create a Space You Enjoy.

Lastly, make your home a space you enjoy spending time in. Add plants, flowers, energizing scents, and beautiful focal pieces that inspire you and make you smile.

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