Winter Roof Repair

Winter Roof Repairs: Yes or No?

Most home improvement projects, including roof repair, are scheduled for spring and summer months because of the warmer temperatures. Whether you neglected to schedule a roof inspection this summer or you’ve noticed some moisture on your ceiling, winter roof repairs and inspections are possible. If you do have a potential leak, it is vital that you contact a roofing professional immediately to create a plan and prevent your home from water damage. If you’re thinking about ignoring your roof this winter, take a look at the pros and cons of winter roof repairs first.

Pros of Winter Roof Repair

Be Proactive in Fixing Issues

Ignoring roof problems only leads to bigger and more expensive projects later on. By scheduling a roof inspection and small repairs now, you can prevent having to do an emergency roof replacement or mold removal from constant leaking in the attic.

Keep Your Home Warm

A home’s roof is one of the key components that keeps the home warm through the winter months. If there is a hole, not enough insulation in the attic, or the roof needs replaced, any heat will quickly find its way outside. As a result, your heating expenses will skyrocket until completing the necessary repairs.

Prepare for Spring Rainfall

The spring season (and all of 2018) in PA and MD is known for heavy spring showers. To avoid a waterfall inside your house, schedule roof repairs now.

Better Scheduling Options

Roofers are not as busy in the winter as they are in the summer. Since they are not as busy, you have a better chance of scheduling appointments and repairs at a time that best suits your winter schedule.

Cons of Winter Roof Repair

Unpredictable Weather

While a roofer’s schedule isn’t as crowded during the winter, there is always the chance of a winter snowstorm in the northeast. Most contractors won’t work when roofs are slippery from rain and snow. There is always a chance you will need to reschedule repairs after the weather has passed and the roof is free of snow and ice.

Shingles Need Certain Temps to Seal

Asphalt shingles require a certain temperature to seal properly which can be difficult in the winter. However, if you hire a quality roofing contractor, they will be honest about completing a roof replacement in the winter and help you plan on the perfect time.

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