How to Check a Roofing Company’s References

Hiring the right roofing company isn’t as simple as using the first company in Google search or one that a friend of a friend referred. Checking their references is a vital part of the interview process. Some roofing companies may not be willing to provide a list of references. If you find yourself interviewing a contract like this, it is best to move onto the next roofer on your list. Reputable roofing contractors are happy to offer a list of references that you can contact.

To find out if the roofing company is right for your project, you will want to call these past customers and ask questions about their quality of work and overall experience. The nine questions listed below will help you confirm if the roofing company is one worthy of your roof repair or replacement.

8 Questions to Ask Roofer References

What type of roofing work did the contractor complete?

It is essential that you gain an understanding of the type of roofing project the reference had completed. If you are looking to hire a roofer for a full roof replacement, you will gain a better insight on the process from somebody that had a roof replacement than somebody that had a minor roof repair.

Would you hire the roofing company for future projects?

When a reference isn’t willing to hire the company again, it says a lot about their workmanship and business practices. Be sure to ask why to gain further insight. Hearing no from multiple past customers is a red flag and you should move onto the next contractor on your list.

Were you happy with their business practices?

Business practices includes the overall process from initial consultation to the completion of the project. If they were not happy, ask what they wish would have been different. Remember that just because one person doesn’t like how something went, doesn’t mean everybody will say the same thing because everybody’s expectations vary.

Did you have any struggles with communication during the project?

Communication is key in any business relationship. Make sure the project manager adequately communicated with the homeowner through multiple steps of the process. Communication is especially important if something goes wrong or the project is delayed.

Did the roofing company take steps to protect your property?

Roof replacements are a messy job. Not every roofing company takes precautions to protect your home and the bushes and trees around your house. You will want to work with a roofer that uses a tenting technique to keep falling debris from hitting the siding and landscape on the way down.

Was the job finished on schedule?

If not, asky why. Certain situations are out of the roofing company’s control such as weather. If the project was delayed, ask how the delay was communicated with the homeowner.

Did the final cost match the original proposal?

When it comes to roofing projects, there is room for error in the proposal because you can’t see what is happening under the shingles. If the roofer finds rotted plywood, there may be a cost increase. However, if no additional issues were brought to the homeowner’s attention, then the final cost should be close to the proposal.

Did the roof leak?

If a roof leaked after the repair or replacement, ask how the roofing company responded to the situation.

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