Tips for Fall Home Maintenance

Check Out These Tips for Fall Home Maintenance

Cooler weather and beautiful falling leaves have started and that means it is a great time to tackle some maintenance projects around the house.  Because it is not very humid and vacations are over, many people find themselves with a little extra time before winter hits. Here are some tips for fall home maintenance to help you determine what to do first.


Winter is coming and fall is a perfect time to inspect your roof, which is the main source of protecting your home from the elements.  While we recommend that an experienced local roofer be the one to do so, you can tackle this on your own if you choose. Check for any missing shingles, bubbling, cracking, and curling. All of these issues can be seen pretty easily by the naked eye. Having a lot of damage means it is time for a replacement, but if you think a repair is sufficient, have a roofer come out to do an official inspection.


It is definitely time to clean out your gutters and rain spouts. Doing this close to the end of the fall season is best because all the leaves should have fallen at this point.  If you are able, investing in a guard for your gutters is a great way to prevent backups and having to clean them out so often, if at all.


The trim around your windows is important, so if you can, inspect all of the trim outside. You can use a screwdriver to check for any gaps and holes.  If there are any, simply fill them with caulk.


Just like your roof, siding is important to the life of your home and protecting your family. Do a quick walk around your home, inspecting the siding for imperfections. Cracks, warping, bubbling, and missing pieces are all cause for concern.  Contact us to take a look and let you know what your repair or replacement options are.

Bealing Roofing and Exteriors, LLC can help you with all these fall maintenance tips if you want an experienced team to take a look. We strive to provide our PA and MD customers with quality work and will always value our customers and put their needs first.