Things to Consider when Replacing Siding on Your Home

Things to Consider when Replacing Siding on Your Home

Considering replacing the siding on your home? This is not a simple task. Many decisions need to be made, including color and material. Here are a few things to consider when purchasing new siding for your home.

When to Replace Your Current Siding

The first thing to consider is, does your siding need to be replaced? To do this, inspect the siding for warping. If you find warped vinyl siding, you will want to take a screwdriver and poke beneath the warped area. Does the layer below the siding feel rotted in any way? It’s a good idea to replace your siding now before it gets worse.

Do you notice peeling wallpaper or flaking paint on the interior walls of your home? This damage is a good indication that aging siding is allowing moisture to seep behind the siding and into your walls. Warped siding should be addressed soon before things get worse and lead to costly interior repairs.

If you currently have wood siding, dry rot is a common problem as it ages. To detect dry rot, tap areas of the siding with the handle end of a screwdriver. If you find dry rot, you may be able to replace the areas that have succumbed to the elements. It’s always a good idea to contact a local siding expert to evaluate the situation as the damage may go deeper, including structurally.

Choosing the Right Color of Siding

Many homeowners view siding color as being merely aesthetic. But there could be a few things to consider that may impact your decision.

Look at the colors used in your neighborhood. That canary yellow you are leaning towards may have looked great in the picture, but if everyone else in the community has gone with more subdued colors, your house with look unnatural. Also, if you live in a neighborhood governed by a homeowner’s association, they may have  specific rules regarding color options allowed. Be sure to check with them before making your final decision.

Take note of the colors of your doors and window frames. Now try to imagine them with the new siding colors you are considering. Do they complement each other? Also, do you feel you may be changing either or both your doors and window frames?. The time is right to consider upgrading these all at once.

Material Considerations

It’s all about the look. Much like your color choice, there are several siding styles or types to choose from. Consider once again what the rest of the homes in your neighborhood have used. It may sound strange, but if all the homes on your block have one type of siding and you choose another, this may lower the value of your home.

Consider upkeep as well. Do you want the added commitment of repainting wood siding every few years? Would you rather this be a one and done project that vinyl affords you?

Of course, financial concerns will weigh into your final decision. Pick the best option you can afford. Keep in mind that your new siding will affect your home’s value. What may seem like a significant expense for high-quality materials will likely prove to be a wise investment in your home.

One of the first things people notice about your home is your siding. With the right planning and a good siding contractor in PA or MD, you can make the right decision now and reap the benefits for years to come.