When is it time to replace your windows

How to Tell When Windows Need Replaced

Many times when repairs are needed to your home, they can be hard to detect. However, that is not the case with windows if you know what to look for. Windows these days are designed to last a long time, but if your home has older windows, you’ll want to look out for a few things.

Damaged, warped, or broken

Sometimes it is possible to repair rather than replace a window. In the case of weatherstripping or a broken lock, this is something that can be easily fixed. If the window has become warped or the window sash or frame is broken, a replacement is your best option. Are they hard to open and close? Do they refuse to stay open? If you answered yes, your windows are telling you it’s time for a replacement.

Your energy bill is high

Windows are a dual-edged sword. They allow sunlight in which naturally heats your home. However, if they are not energy efficient, they can allow heat in the winter and cool in the summer to escape. According to Energy.gov, low efficiency, drafty windows can cause an increase in your energy bill of 10% to 25%. The money you are pouring into your energy provider can quickly be recouped by investing in more energy-efficient windows. One way to check for drafts is to hold a candle or lighter around the edges of your window. If the flame doesn’t waver, your windows are doing the job they should.

The fog test

Do your windows tend to fog up? This is a sign the seals in your window panes of glass have deteriorated. This “fog” is condensation that is forming between the layers of glass due to the broken seal. On newer windows, you may be to replace the sash only, but on older windows, when replacement sashes are not readily available, the whole window will need to be replaced.

Fading carpet and furniture

This one may sound odd, but it’s a sign your windows need replacing. Single pane glass is usually the culprit as it is terrible at keeping out UV rays that fade colors. Modern Low E glass does an excellent job of protecting your home interior from harmful UVB light and also helps to reduce your heating and cooling bills.


Let’s face it. Everyone wants a house with curb appeal because curb appeal sells houses. Windows can easily detract from or enhance how your home looks. When choosing new windows, coordinate their look with the structure of your home and doors. To capture the warm, nurturing feel of your home that everyone wants, new windows are an excellent place to start.

These are all clear signs that your windows need some attention and likely replaced. If you are experiencing one or more of these issues, it’s time to find a reputable window contractor. Whatever your situation, Bealing Roofing & Exteriors, Inc. is here to help.