7 Reasons to Never Skip Gutter Maintenance

Why Maintaining Your Gutters is Important

Your gutters are an integral part of your roofing system. Ignore them, and you could be facing some costly repair bills down the road. Make gutter maintenance a goal this year. Your roof, foundation, basement, and wallet will thank you. Here are seven reasons why gutter maintenance is so essential. 

1. Fascia damage

The fascia is the board below the roof where gutters are mounted. If your gutters become clogged, water runoff will work its way behind these boards resulting in severe damage. This includes rotting of the fascia board itself as well as your roof trusses. 

2. Ice dams

During the winter months, water in a clogged gutter will form ice. As the cycle continues and more ice builds up, icicles will form on your roof and gutter. The weight of these icicles can potentially rip the gutters right off your home. 

3. Interior damage

Poorly maintained gutters can result in water making its way under your shingles and into the interior of your home. Once the water has made its way into your ceiling and wall cavities, various issues can occur. Water stains are a typical result and may require expensive repairs. Left unchecked for extended periods, interior water can result in mold – a very serious problem to deal with.

4. Foundation cracking

Gutter problems can affect various things in your home, including the foundation. If water overflows your gutter, it has nowhere to go but down. The last stop on its travels will be your foundation. Water has an amazing ability to work its way into the smallest spaces. If you have even the most minor crack in your foundation, it will go there. In the winter, this water can freeze and cause issues with strength and integrity of the foundation.

5. Basement flooding

Most people may not think of this, but the root cause of many flooded basements is overflowing gutters. If you experience a flooded basement and have no broken pipes, start checking your gutters as the likely source of your woes. 

6. Pests

Many insects, such as mosquitoes, thrive in stagnant water. If your gutters are clogged and cause overflowing issues resulting in standing water near your foundation, you are creating a natural breeding ground for insects. Many of these insects can also cause serious damage to your home’s interior. Also, if your gutters are filled with leaves in the fall, critters such as mice will look at them as a perfect place to hang out and call home. 

7. Decreased home value

Clogged and broken gutters are an eyesore. Left unrepaired, your home value will undoubtedly take a hit. Gutters that are in such a state of disrepair that they are ready to fall off are easily spotted by home maintenance experts. 

Don’t let your home be the talk of the town because of your poorly maintained gutters. Need some gutter advice? Give Bealing Roofing & Exteriors, Inc. a call.