Why DIY Roof Repair Is Not The Best Option

We know that these days many homeowners want to save money anywhere they possibly can. Many of us choose to tackle home repairs on our own rather than hiring a contractor. In some cases, that may not be such a bad idea. However, when it comes to roof repairs, you should always call an experienced roofing contractor. Here are a few reasons why.

Professional roof repairs save time and money

How much time do you have? Between your work schedule, time with family, and if you have kids running from one event to the next, a roof repair may be the last thing you want to attempt. Further, while you attempt to squeeze this repair into your schedule, you may be seeing additional damage happening to your home.

Roof repairs can be complicated and require immediate attention. Hiring a professional contractor ensures the job will be addressed immediately, saving you from costly additional repairs.

Access to the right materials

It may seem it’s as easy as driving to the local hardware store and picking up some odds and ends, but to properly repair a roof it takes the right materials. This is your home after all. You want to be assured that the job is done right, so it does not have to be done a second time. 

A professional roofing contractor will have the best tools for completing the job. They will also have access to the right materials to ensure your roofing repair job will last a long time. 

Safety first

This is a big one and perhaps the most important reason not to attempt a DIY roof repair. You may be comfortable climbing ladders and even walking on a roof. However, there are many dangers you might not be considering. The decking of your roof could be rotted in places due to an extended period of leaking issues. Often this weakened section of roofing underlayment cannot be seen as shingles cover them. You will quickly discover them when that section of the roof collapses under your weight! 

Experienced roofing contractors are familiar with where to look for these weak points and pitfalls. They are fully capable of tackling your repair job safely. It’s much better not to put yourself at risk.

Structural integrity

We have all probably gotten in the middle of a home repair and decided to take a little shortcut to get the job finished. Your roof is not somewhere you want to do this. A quick DIY roof repair will likely re-emerge sooner than later. Continued damage will lead to further issues and possibly more costly repairs. For these reasons, DIY roof repairs are not your best option. Bealing Roofing and Exteriors is a locally owned roofing company in Hanover, PA. We can help you with any repairs you need, keeping you safe and making sure your home is safe as well.