How to Handle Roof Damage from Hail Storms

So, a storm just rolled through your neighborhood, and it dropped hail with a vengeance. Unfortunately, this is a scenario that happens all too often. The damages caused by hail can quickly add up because hail affects just about anything in its path. This includes your vehicles, windows, and your home’s roof. Some signs of hail damage are obvious. You can easily spot a broken window or dented car hood or roof. What may be harder to spot is damage to your home’s roof.

What Does Hail Damage Do to a Roof?

Hail damage can differ based on several factors. How big was the hail? What direction and how hard was the wind blowing? What is the material and age of your roof? How steep is your roof sloped? All these factors and more play an impact on how much damage a hail storm can cause. 

Here are a few things that can occur:

Granule Loss: 

Granules are the tiny stones that cover your asphalt shingles. When granules begin to come off your shingles, the asphalt coating below is exposed, and then the aging process accelerates. Take a look in your gutters and see if any granules have come off your shingles. 

Cracked shingles:

Hail impact can be so severe that it cracks your shingles. In some cases, the impact will be so significant that portions of your shingle tabs will break off. 

Weakened seal strips:

If the wind that came through with the hailstorm was strong enough, it can lift your shingles up. If this occurs, it’s very likely you will be missing complete shingle tabs. Once one shingle is damaged in this manner, it will not take much for the surrounding shingles to become damaged in subsequent storms. 

Can Hail Damage be Repaired

The short answer is yes. The more complicated question is how. If your roof is relatively new, it is possible to replace a single shingle. If you have an older roof, the better decision may be to replace the entire roof. Either way, something should be done relatively quickly. Ignoring any roof damage for an extended period of time can lead to very adverse effects, including leaks that make their way into your living space. 

If your home has recently been through a hailstorm, it’s a good idea to give a local roofing contractor like Bealing Roofing & Exteriors, Inc. a call. We can access the damage and work with your insurance company. Most homeowner insurance policies will cover a roof replacement due to hail damage in full. You will want to file your claim soon after the damage has occurred. We will handle the entire process for working with your insurance adjuster and providing any pictures or other information they require. 

Hailstorms are not fun, and neither is the damage they leave in their path. Find out why so many turn to us to help bring their roof back to looking brand new.