How Do You Repair Broken Siding

As a local siding contractor, we have seen it all and heard it all. Sometimes we are asked, “How do you repair broken siding?” Here are a few scenarios that require repair and how to go about completing the job.

Occasionally, you may find that a mysterious nail hole or crack has appeared on your vinyl siding. This could come from several things such as stones kicked up during mowing, or perhaps a stray baseball hit the house’s side. There are three methods of repair that can fix this issue. Which one you choose depends on how bad the damage is. 

Method 1: Making MINOR repairs with caulk

1. Purchase a suitable caulk

Exterior caulk made for vinyl can be used to fill in nail holes and small cracks. Shop around as you may be able to find a caulk that closely matches your siding color. If you cannot find a matching caulk, find one that can be painted.  

2. Fill the area in

Using a caulk gun, push the tip into the hole or crack you are filling. Dispense caulk from the caulk gun until the hole is filled, and caulk begins to emerge. Be certain to fill the entire hole as well as the area behind the panel you are working on. Take a damp rag and wipe off the excess caulk until it is flush with the siding surface. 

3. Final clean up

After letting the area sit for a few days to cure, use a razor blade to cut away excess caulk.  

4. Paint non-colored caulk

If you could not find caulk that matched your siding close enough, you will want to paint it. If you have a small piece of your siding, take it to the hardware store, and they can closely match your color. Clean the area to be painted thoroughly. Take a small brush and paint the repair area. 

Method 2: Repairing a LARGE hole

For a larger hole that caulk cannot fill, you will want to cut a piece. 

1. Cut

Use a straightedge and mark out approximately a 2-inch square around the area you need to be replaced. Use a utility knife with a fresh blade to cut along the lines. Your cut should extend to the bottom of the panel you are working on.  

2. Remove the section

Use a zip tool to remove the section you cut out. A zip tool is also called a siding removal tool. Pull slightly downward and unhook the section from the panel below.  

3. Cut a patch

Cut a new section of siding from a spare piece that is 2 inches wider than what was removed. Be sure to keep the bottom lip intact.  

4. Caulk the area 

Hold the repair section up to the area you will be replacing and trace it with a pencil. Add some caulk approximately one inch in from your pencil marks.  

5. Install the patch

Snap the new section of siding in place. Use some duct tape to hold the section in place until the caulk has time to cure. After the caulk has cured, the tape can be removed. 

Method 3: Give Bealing, Roofing and Exteriors, Inc. a call 

If this sounds like a job beyond your capabilities or the repair is more extensive, give us a call. We have the experience to make any repair you need and get your siding looking like brand new!