Everything You Need to Know About Siding Repair & Replacements

As sure as the sun will rise eventually, you will have to face doing something with your siding. The big question is, do you repair it or replace it? Well, that depends on what you are trying to deal with. Here are a few scenarios, and the best course of action for each.

Problem: Minor Holes and Cracks

Occasionally you may find a small hole or crack in your siding. This can result from stones kicked up during mowing or a stray baseball hitting your siding.

Solution: This type of damage can be repaired. Using exterior caulk is your best bet for filling in small holes. Overfill the hole, let the caulk set up, then trim off the excess. 

Problem: Larger Holes

Sometimes something larger may hit your house’s side, causing a much larger siding defect that will need to be addressed. 

Solution: This type of damage can be repaired in most cases. If you are dealing with a one-to-two-inch size defect, you will want to cut it out and patch it with another siding piece. The challenge is finding the right color siding, and even if you do, the question is, will it match the older faded siding of your home. If the color is unique or your siding has faded significantly, you may want to consider replacement siding. 

Problem: Missing Siding

Yes, this happens. Nails loosen over time, and with a good gust of wind, off comes your top row of siding. 

Solution: This can be fixed. Retrieve the siding piece that has dislodged and nail it back into place. If the siding cannot be found, you will need to try and find matching siding. As noted above, if you are dealing with a unique siding color or serious color fade, your best option may be replacement siding. 

Problem: Warped Siding

As your siding faces the sun’s constant beating, vinyl may warp over the years, particularly on sides of your home that are in direct sunlight all day. 

Solution: Replacement. Warped siding is unsightly and usually occurs in large sections, making it difficult to simply repair with a few siding pieces. 

Problem: Bubbling

If you see bubbling, you have a potentially serious issue on your hands. Bubbling occurs when water has infiltrated behind your siding and has caused the subpanel below your siding to bulge. 

Solution: Replacement. You will want to get this addressed with a siding replacement so the entire area can be exposed and properly dealt with. 

Problem: Color Fade of Vinyl Siding

As time passes and your siding is subjected to the sun’s rays’ daily pounding, it will fade. 

Solution: Replacement. Color fade is a curb appeal issue. If you have had your home and siding for ten years or longer, it has likely faded badly. Take the leap with replacement siding, and you’ll have a house that looks brand new.

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