Leaking Gutters It May Be a Sign of a Hidden Problem

Have you noticed that water is not being directed away from your home properly? When it rains, are your gutters dripping profusely? Have you seen water damage inside your home or pools of water near your foundation? Have you witnessed water overflowing from the sides of your gutters? Leaking gutters can quickly turn into an expensive headache if not addressed immediately. The damage they cause over a long period of time can result in large repair bills. Leaking gutters may be a sign of a hidden problem. Here are a few things to look for when your gutters start leaking.

Clogged gutters

Leaves and accumulated debris are by far the most common cause of leaking gutters. Thankfully, it’s also one of the easiest to remedy. Grab a ladder, be safe, and clear those leaves out. Also, scoop out any granules that have collected from your shingles. This is not abnormal and will happen over time as your shingles age. 

How often you do this depends mainly on the number of trees near your home. It’s advisable to check your gutters once per year, no matter what. If you live in a particularly woody area, you may find you are doing this multiple times during the fall. Ensuring your gutters are clean on a regular basis prevents them from clogging and protects your home and landscaping near your home. Also, it helps ensure melting snow during the winter doesn’t back up, causing damaging ice dams. Always remember, water has a way of making its own exit path that can ultimately damage your yard, roof, interior walls and ceilings, and foundation. 

Gutters are damaged

Gutters experience wear and tear as the seasons change year after year. This wear and tear can lead to holes, as well as seams and joints coming apart. In extreme scenarios, your gutters can begin to pull away from the roof!

Conducting an annual inspection of your gutters will allow you to get a leg up on any repairs needed. It’s best to spot them as soon as you possibly can to prevent and head off further damage. 

Gutter system not installed properly

When it comes to installing gutters, there is a certain level, skill, and knowledge one must have to complete the job properly. Poor materials, as well as incorrectly hung gutters, can cause serious headaches for homeowners. Sometimes, the only way to address a poorly designed or poorly installed system is to replace the whole thing. 

Need gutter repairs done? Prefer to have a pro inspect your gutter system and roof? Need a total system replacement? Give Bealing, Roofing & Exteriors, Inc., a call. We will provide you with an honest assessment, and we can discuss what needs to make your gutter system work as it should.