Why Winter is the Best Time to Replace Siding

Many don’t consider the winter months to be an ideal time for exterior home improvement projects. For some projects, that is a correct statement. For others, such as siding replacement, winter is an excellent time to tackle the job. Here are a few reasons why winter is the best time to replace siding. 

Convenient Timing

Most siding contractors are not as busy during the winter months. Their lighter schedules make it easier to fit siding jobs into their schedule. Also, this openness in their schedule allows them to schedule the work when it best suits you. 

Don’t Worry About Landscaping

When the winter months arrive, siding installation crews don’t have to worry about working around blooming plants. During spring and summer, installers must carefully work around these plants to ensure they do not flatten bushes, hedges, or flowers around the outside of your home. However, during the colder months, plants have entered their dormant stage. This allows installers to work freely without the risk of damaging plants and flowers. 

Upkeep is Minimal

Vinyl siding is engineered to withstand the elements. This includes wind, precipitation, and severely cold temperatures. Siding protects your home’s exterior from warping, twisting, and rotting. For these reasons, wintertime is a perfect time to replace vinyl siding. Also, there is no post-installation work to do, like painting with other types of siding. 

Keep Heat Inside Your Home

This is perhaps the best reason to have your siding replaced during the winter months. Your old siding likely has cracks, gaps, and seams that are an easy way for heat to escape from your home. Heat escape can cause you to lose thousands on your heating bills over time. Having new siding installed can quickly pay for itself. Once the installation has been completed, you will find heat stays inside, and your heating bills will be reduced. Make the leap this winter, and invest in your home by replacing your siding so you can start realizing these cost savings now. 


New siding has numerous benefits, including long-term benefits. As an example, new siding will increase the overall value of your home and its curb appeal. One of the best ways to increase how people perceive your home is by improving the look of your home’s exterior by having new siding installed. 

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