Are Metal Roofs Energy Efficient?

The roof of your home is exposed to the sun more than any other part of your home. This alone makes the roofing material you choose a critically important factor. Metal roofs are an excellent choice when it comes to dealing with the sun’s heat. Metal roofs reflect heat up and away from buildings. The big question is, are metal roofs energy-efficient?

Metal Roofs vs. Asphalt Shingles

When it comes to modern-day roofing materials, the most energy-efficient option available is metal roofing. The next question is, are metal roofs more energy efficient than their asphalt shingle counterparts? The answer is yes, and there are two good reasons for this. Metal roofing provides excellent insulation during the cold winter months. Additionally, during the hot days of summer, metal reflects sunlight, keeping energy costs down during the season.

Asphalt shingles tend to trap heat from the sun. On average, this will increase indoor temperatures up to 25 degrees. As noted earlier, metal roofs reflect that heat, keeping it outside the building and saving you potentially 45 to 50 percent on your energy bills. The surface temperature of metal roofs also can be up to 100 degrees cooler than asphalt shingle roofs.

The longer asphalt shingles are exposed to direct sunlight, the more they age, causing them to weaken, curl, and break. Over time, the aging process inhibits their ability to protect your home from the elements. On the other hand, metal roofs are much more resistant to the elements and last a lot longer than asphalt roofing.

One of the biggest reason’s homeowners hesitate to take the leap on metal roof installation is the installation cost. Metal roofing requires a certain skill set to install properly, which leads to a higher price. Energy savings and durability make up for this initial investment. Depending on your home’s size and your annual heating and cooling needs, making the leap to a metal roof can realize substantial savings in your energy bills. 

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