How Does Siding Increase Curb Appeal

Whether you plan to stay put in your home for some time or are looking to place your house on the market, home improvements are always a great investment. In particular, one area of focus should be on curb appeal. How people perceive your home is a big deal regardless of whether you are staying there or planning on selling. One of the easiest ways to increase your home’s curb appeal is to replace your siding. Let’s take a look at how siding increases curb appeal. 

Every home renovation has a tangible return. These include financial returns and efficiency. There are also intangible returns that are more focused on the quality of life. Curb appeal impacts more than just property value. A home exterior that is pleasing to the eye and looks up to date brings a sense of pride to the homeowner. The old saying is true. You never get a second chance to make a first impression. 

There are certainly tangible returns relative to dollars we can look at as well. Every year Remodeling Magazine produces a Cost vs. Value Report. This report outlines various home improvements and how they impact a home’s resale value—siding replacement year after year ranks high as one of the most cost-effective improvements to undertake. The average vinyl siding replacement job in the Mid-Atlantic region increased resale value by $11,249. If you are looking to sell your home, new siding is a quick way to increase your home’s resale value and you can easily expect a 60-70% return on your siding investment. 

If the time has come for your home to have a facelift, vinyl siding is by far the most affordable and long-lasting solution. Vinyl siding is easy to care for too. It does not need repainting like wood, and it does not dent or rust like older aluminum. When vinyl siding gets dirty, you simply hose it down. 

Another great thing about vinyl is the nearly limitless options. There are so many options on the market today that you could give your home an entirely new look by merely changing the texture, color, and accents of your siding choice. Common neutral colors like gray, tan, sand, and wheat are the most popular, with colors like moss and sage gaining popularity. Darker colors like deep blues and grays with lighter trim are becoming a more frequently used combination. 

Bottom line, if you are at all concerned about how your home is perceived by passers by and visitors, a change in siding will give your home the curb appeal boost it needs (and deserves). Give Bealing Roofing &Exteriors, Inc. a call, and let’s discuss the many options in siding available to you.