When to Prepare Your Deck for Spring

Coming off a long winter, one of the first things most people want to do is get outside and enjoy the spring sun on their faces. What makes that outdoor time even better is when you have an outdoor living space like a deck. To enjoy your deck in the spring, it usually takes a little bit of prep time to get things back in order after winter. You might be wondering when to prepare your deck for spring and what to do to get it ready. Here are a few helpful tips.

Timing is everything

We want winter to be over yesterday. Play it safe, and don’t start the spring prep process too soon because you are anxious for spring to be here. There’s nothing worse than getting everything ready and late season snow falls on your hard work. 


You will want to get your deck spic-and-span before setting your outdoor furniture out at the start of spring. Use a high-power leaf blower to get rid of dead leaves, dirt, and any other debris that has built up over the winter months. After the dirt has been removed, use a pressure washer to thoroughly clean the surfaces of your deck. This will get rid of any caked-on dirt or mold that developed over the winter. If you left any pots, planters, or furniture out over the winter, make sure you wash that as well. 

More cleaning

Just because you put your outdoor furniture away during the winter doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give a good once over cleaning to these pieces as well. Most furniture types require the use of a spray bottle and sponge to get the job done. After cleaning, be sure to air furniture out so it can thoroughly dry and mold does not develop.


If your decking area includes pavers, you will want to check them for cracked or broken pieces. Additionally, make sure pavers have not settled or shifted over the winter months causing a tripping hazard. Also, check areas of your deck constructed of wood or composite decking. Winter can be particularly harsh on wood, so make sure there are no weak spots in decking. 

A little sprucing up

Spring is the ideal time to consider some freshening up of your deck area. Maybe it’s time to add a screened-in area, a pergola, or a covered roof to protect you from the sun’s rays. Screened-in decks and patios are great for keeping bugs away, protecting your valuable outdoor furniture, and adding additional privacy while still providing that outdoorsy feel.

Is it time to add some new features to your outdoor patio or deck? Maybe you are just thinking of adding a new outdoor living space. Give Bealing Roofing & Exteriors, Inc., a call, and let’s see what the possibilities are together.