How to Install Gutter Guards

How to Install Gutter Guards

Live in a wooded area? Then you know what a nightmare fall can be on your gutters. Gutters can become packed with leaves over a few short days. This can prove to be detrimental to how your gutters function at moving water away from your home. Even if you do not live near the woods, other debris can make its way into your gutters, causing similar drainage issues. Are you looking for a solution beyond climbing a ladder and scooping leaves and debris from your gutters frequently? Gutter guards are the answer! Many people are unsure of how to install gutter guards or even if they should. Here’s everything you need to know about installing gutter guards.

Why install gutter guards

The reasons are varied, but here are a few big ones.

Eliminate cleaning

A major reason for installing gutter guards is to eliminate the need to clean gutters. Cleaning should be done at least once per year to ensure the proper flow of rainwater through your guttering system. 

Prevent overflow

Overflow caused by clogged gutters leads to numerous problems such as damage to facia, soffits, shingles, and roof, and foundation. In the winter, clogged gutters can lead to damaging ice dams. 

Prevent critter damage

Rodents, birds, and other critters have a habit of getting into your gutters and using them as an entryway into attics. Once in your attic, small animals can wreak serious havoc! 

Installation methods

Installation methods depend upon the style of gutter guards you get. Here are a few installation tips for common varieties of gutter guards.


By far, the least expensive and most common options of gutter guards are those made of PVC or plastic. To install, slide one side under your shingles and snap the other over your gutter. You may find these are not the best option available to you, however, as the mesh included with these is so tight, water has trouble getting through them into the gutters.

Foam inserts

These are perhaps the easiest to install.  You simply stick them into your gutter. In theory, these should work great. In practical terms, they have some issues. The foam tends to capture dirt and debris. As these accumulate in the foam, the ability of water to flow through the inserts is impacted greatly. 

Steel or metal

These, by far, are your best solution for gutter guards. Extremely durable, they are a product that, once installed, will last you years. The only drawback to these is that they can be challenging to install for the average homeowner. 

Are you planning to install gutter guards? Make sure you get the most effective gutter guards for your gutters today. Need help with making a choice and with installation? Maybe it’s time to look at replacing your gutters. Give Bealing, Roofing & Exteriors, Inc. a call. We have the expertise to do your next gutter job right!