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5 Common Signs You Need a New Roof in Hanover, PA

Let’s talk about 5 common signs that you need a new roof.

It’s difficult to tell when you may require a roof replacement because you don’t check your roof every day. It’s easy to overlook roof maintenance with plenty of other things to think about, but failing to do so can lead to issues.

It is critical to inspect your roof at least two times a year for signs of damage. As a result, you’ll be able to make appropriate repairs or replace your roof if necessary.

Trying to find damages early can save you so much trouble and money in the long run – and it may also save you from potential dangers.

When was the last time you checked the condition of your roof?

1. Curling and Buckling Shingles

If you notice that the shingles on your roof are beginning to curl or buckle, it is an indication they need replacement. It does not matter if the roof is new or old; it requires a professional inspection to define the problem.

Shingles may curl in two ways: cupping, when the shingles curl upwards, and clawing, when the edges stay flat, but the middle pops up. If either of the two situations happens, they are past their prime and may need replacement soon.

You can also check your gutters for shingle debris. When shingles reach the end of their lifespan, they usually begin to curl, buckle and finally drain in your gutters.

You may have buckling or curling shingles for several reasons. One dominating reason is the presence of moisture which has detrimental effects on your roofing system.

No matter the cause of buckling and curling, the issue may require the attention of professional roofers who will determine whether to replace all shingles or just a portion.

2. Sagging Roofline

You may also know that you need new roofing by looking at the shape of your roofline.

Rooflines are usually straight and look strong. But if you notice some dipping, curving, or visible sagging, you can consider determining the cause.

Most of the time, a sagging roof is caused by frame issues. Also, when water saturates on your roof deck, it can cause your roof to sag. No matter the cause, the best solution to fix the problem is to install a new roof.

Furthermore, a sagging roof maybe come alongside other visible issues such as shingle damage, leaks, among others. If you notice a sagging roofline, you must contact a professional to get the problem fixed before it gets worse.

If you leave the problem unattended, a sagging roofline could lead to partial or complete roof cave-in.

3. Daylight Through the Attic

Should you be able to see the daylight in your attic?

If you notice light streaming into your attic through your roof, you will first need to inspect the underside of your roof while the room is dark. However, any light coming from the roof ridges and eaves may be okay as it can be attributed to vents installed under your home’s eaves.

If daylight is streaming into your attic through the roof decking, you might have a problem.

Your decking system should never have holes as they may mean problems with your shingles and plywood sheathing. Furthermore, if the light can get into your attic, rain or snow water will find its way into your decking. Home insulation will also be poor, leading to heat loss and driving up the energy bill.

Thus, seeing daylight through your attic may require immediate attention.

4. Storm Damage

Of the 5 common signs you need a new roof, storm damage is extremely common and usually the easiest to identify. When a rainstorm, hailstorm, ice storm, hurricane, or tornado hits your roof, it will not be in the same condition as before the storm.

For instance, in areas prone to hurricanes or tornadoes, high-speed wind can completely rip off shingles from the roof or cause them to crack. These openings will ultimately cause your roof to leak.

Furthermore, if a windstorm is accompanied by rain or snow, water will slowly begin to seep through your roofing system and finally cause water damage to your roofing system.

If your roof recently sustained a heavy rainstorm, you must act fast. In some cause, a roof can be repaired, but if left unattended, the problem will slowly progress.

5. Bald Spots and Granules in the Gutter

Do you see bald spots and very dark spots on your shingle?

Though loose asphalt granules may seem harmless, you should not always take the issue lightly. The problem can ultimately lead to costly and time-consuming roofing issues.

These asphalt bald spots are usually the points where you will begin to notice leaks forms. After your shingles start to leak, you will notice issues such as ceiling discoloration, shingle curling, or even attic ventilation issues.

Over time, granules will begin to fall off. You may begin to see them collect in the gutter, especially after heavy rain.

When you notice that the bald spots are increasing in size, you must hire a professional to inspect your roof. Though a new roof cost is high, it may be the only solution to your entire roofing issue.

Install a New Roof if You See Any of the Above Signs

Though none of the above issues may require emergency roof replacement, it is always essential you seek the help of a professional roofing contractor whenever you have roofing issues.

At Bealing Roofing and Exteriors, we are a company you can always trust when it comes to installing a new roof. We have built a reputation for being honest in assessing whatever your roof might need. We aim to provide nothing less but multiple solutions to solve your roofing issues.

Contact us today to get a free inspection and we will identify if any of the 5 common signs you need a new roof exist. Inspections and estimates are always free!

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