Steps to Hiring the Right Siding Contractor

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Driving by your house this morning, you noticed that your siding needs replaced. It shows some cracks and discoloration and just needs a facelift. When it comes to your home, the biggest purchase you have probably made in your life, you want to make sure that if you need your siding replaced, it is done by a reputable siding contractor. This is easier said than done, but here are some ways you can make sure they are legit and will do a great job.

Stay Local

Using a local business is always a good idea and a siding contractor is no exception.  Supporting small businesses is essential to your local area, and by using a local contractor, you will be able to verify references easily. Staying local will also make it easier for you to stay informed about the progress.  It is also a good idea to ask if they will be doing the actual work or subcontracting it out to others. It is crucial to know who will be on your premises.

Ask Around

Your friends, family, and neighbors are a great source of information, and you are bound to know someone who has had their siding repaired or replaced recently. Not only can they recommend a siding contractor that is trustworthy, but maybe even give you a few pointers to watch out for.

The Paperwork

Make sure to get proof that they are insured and bonded, if applicable. When a contractor is working on your home, they should have insurance for liability and property damage in case of any unforeseen circumstances. Additionally, review all estimates that you get (and we recommend getting several to compare) to ensure you don’t get hit with hidden costs and fees.


Most siding manufacturers provide a warranty. Don’t forget to confirm that with the siding contractor you choose. Some reputable contractors will also provide a labor warranty should any of their work be defective. Always get all these warranties, and any contracts for starting work, in writing. This will be your best defense should something unforeseen pop-up.

Keeping your home looking nice and feeling safe can be stressful. One way you can reduce this stress is to always do your homework before hiring any contractor. You will have peace of mind if you confirm insurance, have good references, and make sure all the paperwork is in order.

Signs it is Time to Replace Your Siding

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It may be easy to see some obvious signs when it is time to replace your siding.  Discoloration, cracking, or missing pieces can cause you to call a siding contractor right away.  There are some other signs that may not be so obvious to the naked eye, and you should be aware of these as a homeowner.

Heating or Cooling Bill Fluctuations

Mainly any increases in heating or cooling costs will be something to look for that can be a sign to replace your siding. While you may first look to your roof or attic, if these two places show no sign of issues, the next place to look is your siding. If cheap, or low grade, insulation was used, it can decrease the life of your siding which will cause your heating and cooling bills to rise.

Dry Rot

Dry rot is something you want to catch early. It is a good idea to periodically check for this problem by tapping on your siding with the rubber end of a tool. Even if your siding still looks pristine from the outside, it is very possible for it to be rotting underneath, which means your home is at risk. If you do notice any dry rot, it is crucial that it is replaced as soon as possible.

Warped Pieces

While this issue is able to be seen by the naked eye, you might not notice it without knowing to look for it.  If you see pieces that are not straight, or any that are clearly rotten, they should be replaced immediately. Unfortunately, if siding has been warped for awhile and has gone unnoticed, the layers underneath are probably becoming damaged. It is always best to catch this issue early on, so do a walk-around every so often to check for warped siding.


Bubbling siding is a huge cause for concern because it almost always means that there is water underneath. This can then cause mold and mildew issues.  What could be an easy fix could turn into tens of thousands of dollars if not corrected quickly.

There are many signs it is time to replace your siding. If you are unable to keep an eye on your home or are unsure if your siding needs replaced soon, have a reputable siding contractor do an inspection. It is always better to find out sooner than later to avoid more potential problems down the road.