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A commonly seen feature of homes in our area is a chimney. There is just something about the warmth and glow of a wood or gas insert fireplace during the cold winter months. Just like any feature of your home, chimneys need care and attention as well. It is estimated there are some 25,000 chimney fires in the United States every year. Many are preventable as a leading cause of those fires is poor maintenance. You need a company that can tackle local chimney repair in Abbottstown, PA. Here are some common chimney repairs we can help with. 

Water Penetration

If your chimney cap is leaking or, worse, you do not have one installed, you will face some serious water issues down the road. As water enters the chimney, it mixes with creosote becoming acidic. This acidic mixture causes premature rusting of the chimney damper and causes brick and mortar in your chimney to deteriorate. We will inspect your damper and, if needed, replace with new. 

Chimney Cap

Chimney caps prevent water from rain and snow entering your chimney. They also keep animals, leaves, and debris out. We can replace or install high-quality stainless steel caps that will last for years. 

Chimney Crown

The very top of your chimney is called the crown. As your chimney ages, the crown can become cracked, lopsided, or begin to fall apart. Sometimes they can even be improperly built from the beginning. This can also allow water penetration into your chimney. We can rebuild your chimney crown to make certain it is sound and keeps your chimney free from water penetration. 

Chimney Liner

The most important component of your chimney is the interior liner, also referred to as the flue. A cracked liner is a recipe for disaster. Even the smallest crack can allow chemicals from burning wood into your home. Small cracks also allow creosote to form. As creosote builds up, it can catch on fire, leading to the danger of your home catching on fire. Our team can inspect and repair, or completely replace your chimney liner, as needed. 


As your chimney ages, the mortar used to build your brick chimney can deteriorate. Not only does this not look good, but it can be a safety issue as well. We can do spot repointing repairs or repoint your entire chimney to bring it back to its original structural integrity and appearance. 

Another area to watch for repairs is flashing. Chimney flashing serves as a seal between your chimney and where it intersects the roof. With constant exposure to direct sunlight, beating rain, and harsh winters, flashing can fail and leak. We can complete flashing repairs and complete reinstalls to keep your roof leak-free. 

Are you having an issue with your chimney? Give Bealing Roofing & Exteriors, Inc., a call, and let’s get your chimney back to like-new conditions.