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Looking to replace your siding?  Bealing Roofing & Exteriors, Inc. is a company you can rely on for your siding replacement in Manchester, MD. We have the experience to meet your needs in all types of siding applications. Our goal is to enhance the look of your home and not detract from it, so we use only the highest-quality materials available. When you choose us for your next siding project, your home is good hands from the first row of siding to the last. 

When is replacing siding necessary?

If your home is ten years or older, it is likely you still have original siding on your home. If you have lived there for at least ten years, there is a good chance siding replacement is something you should consider.

There are several things you should look for to determine if you need replacement siding:

Warped, cracked or missing siding

This one can be seen by the naked eye, but you still have to look for it. 

Heating and cooling bill fluctuations

If you see abnormal changes in your heating and cooling bills, first check your attic ventilation. If that is ok, then siding is likely your culprit.

Dry rot

You won’t likely see this one with the naked eye. Periodically check for dry rot by tapping your siding.


Siding that is bubbling is a very serious problem. This almost always means water has somehow gotten behind your siding.

Maintaining and cleaning your siding properly can increase its overall lifespan. The key is to inspect it at least once per year and make note of any of the items you discover. If you discover any of the above items, a siding replacement is the best idea. 

Using a local siding contractor is a good idea to ensure your siding replacement in Manchester, MD is handled with the utmost care. By using a local contractor, you will be able to verify their references easily. Ask family and friends about who you are considering to tackle your siding job. No recommendation is better than those of people you trust. Not only can they give you trustworthy recommendations, but they may be able to clue you in on some pointers they discovered during their project. 

Bealing Roofing & Exteriors, Inc. has the expertise to help restore your home to

looking brand new with your siding replacement in Manchester, MD. 

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