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Siding fading? Seeing areas that are warped, cracked, or missing? It might be time to consider replacing that drab, worn-out siding. Bealing Roofing & Exteriors, Inc. has the experience to give your home in Parkton, MD, a fresh new look. Our goal is to enhance your home’s look and not detract from it by using only the highest-quality materials available. When you choose us for your next siding project, your home is in good hands from the first row of siding to the last. Here are a few things to consider to determine if siding replacement should be on your shortlist of home improvement projects for Parkton MD homeowners.

Age of Siding

If your home is ten years or older, it is likely you still have the original siding on your home. If you have lived there for at least ten years, there is a good chance siding replacement is something you should consider.

Warped, Cracked or Missing Siding

The naked eye can see this one, but you still have to look for it. Not only can the issue be with the siding itself, but warping can be a sign of water damage behind the siding. This is definitely something you will want to have inspected further. 

Heating and Cooling Bill Fluctuations

If you see abnormal changes in your heating and cooling bills, first check your attic ventilation. Does your insulation appear to be in place? Is your exhaust fan operating as it should? If all seems normal, your culprit is likely aging siding. 

Dry Rot

Dry rot is caused by a fungus that primarily feeds on wood and weakens it. The problem is, it can occur behind your siding, where you likely will not spot it. Periodically check for dry rot by tapping your siding.


This commonly occurs on the side of your home that sees the most sunlight. The damaging rays of the sun during the hottest days of summer can cause vinyl siding to bubble. 

Color Fade of Vinyl Siding

This is more of an appeal issue. Faded siding looks bad and can occur as the years go by. The older your siding, the more it fades. 

If you keep up with your siding by maintaining it and properly cleaning it, your siding can last a long time. The key is to inspect it at least once per year. Make a note of any of the items you discover. The reasons above are all very good reasons to consider replacing your siding. 

Give us a call! Bealing Roofing & Exteriors, Inc. has the expertise to help restore your home to looking brand new with your siding replacement in Parkton, MD.

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