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Have you been in your home for over a decade or more? Is your siding starting to look a little drab? Is your vinyl siding starting to fade or look “chalky”? See spots warping, cracking, or even missing? It might be the perfect time to think about upgrading your home with some new siding.  Bealing Roofing & Exteriors, Inc. has the experience to give your home the fresh new look it deserves. We pride ourselves on quality so you can have the confidence to know your home is in good hands from the first row of siding to the last. If your siding needs a little TLC, here are a few tips for Westminster, MD, homeowners on siding replacement. 

Do you need new siding?

This is the big first question. If your home is ten years or older, it’s almost a sure bet that your home still has the original siding it was built with. If you bought your house from another owner, it’s likely definite. In either case, new siding is something you will undoubtedly want to consider to increase your home’s curb appeal.  

There are a few things that should be on your shortlist to check for before calling a siding contractor. 

Warped, Cracked, or Missing Siding

This one is easy to spot, but you still have to look for it. Missing sections of siding are a huge problem, leaving paneling behind exposed to the elements. Also, don’t dismiss warped siding as a simple cosmetic issue. Warped siding can be a sign of water damage that has occurred behind the siding. This is certainly something you will want to have inspected further by a professional. 

Heating and Cooling Bill Fluctuations

Over the past six to twelve months, have you seen abnormal swings in your heating or cooling bill? You might think this is odd, but your siding could be a contributing factor. First, check that your attic insulation is still correctly in place and that your attic exhaust fan is still operating properly. If all seems to be in order with your insulation and exhaust fan, aging siding is likely your culprit. 

Dry Rot

Tap on your siding. Does the underlayment behind the siding give way? If so, you have a dry rot problem. Dry rot is caused by a fungus that feeds on wood and weakens it. This is a job you will want to have a siding contractor work on.


Sunlight can be hard on anything it shines on consistently over time, including your siding. On particularly hot periods during the summer months, you may see bubbling of your siding. This could be the result of old siding or siding that is not hung correctly.

Color Fade of Vinyl Siding

Another aging issue is color fade. As your siding is exposed to sunlight on a daily basis, the coloring may fade. The older your siding, the more exposure, and the more it fades. 

Conduct a regular walkaround of your home and clean your siding. Regular maintenance can help your siding last for a long time. Make a note of any of the above issues and give Bealing Roofing & Exteriors, Inc. a call. We have the know-how and expertise to help restore your home to looking brand new with your siding replacement in Westminster MD.