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Whether you are a do-it-yourselfer or are hiring a contractor to handle your next siding replacement, it’s always a good idea to have some sense of how siding is installed. Here are a few York PA Siding Installation Tips to make sure your siding installation goes off without a hitch!

Start with a clean slate

Installing siding is a lot like painting a picture. Your home is the canvas and the siding your palette. To make certain your house looks its best after the job is complete, make sure you prepare your walls. Flat, level wall surfaces are critical to installing siding. For new homes, avoid using green lumber as underlayment. As the underlayment dries, it tends to change and possibly warp. Remember, your siding will only install as flat as the surface underneath it. Apply a weather-resistant barrier to the house before installing siding. A properly installed barrier serves as a wrap to help with your home’s heating and cooling.  

Do the prep work

Check for loose underlayment boards and nail them down. Replace any rotten sections immediately. Scrape off loose caulking and re-caulk around windows, doors, and light fixtures. Remove all mounted objects that will be in the way during installation, such as light fixtures. Replace or install furring strips where necessary. 

Panels need to move freely

Vinyl siding will expand and contract with the seasons. Vinyl panels can contract up to ½ inch over a 12-foot length. Nails are the conventional way of hanging siding. Make sure the panels are locked securely on the bottom but do not pull up on the panel and make them tight. When installing the nails, do not hammer them tight. Tight nailing will not allow the panels to move, and they will buckle when temperatures change. Center the nails in the slots so the siding can freely move. 

Cutting siding

As with anything, a few safety tips should be adhered to. Safety goggles are recommended for cutting and nailing jobs. Use proper safety equipment and follow safe construction practices. Some people use side cutters or utility knives to cut siding panels. For a more professional look and to avoid the random cutting mistakes, install a fine-tooth blade backward on a circular saw. This provides a smoother, cleaner cut, particularly in colder weather. If you prefer to use a utility knife, use it to score the surface only. Do not cut straight through. Score the panel face up, applying medium pressure, and snap the panel along the scoreline. 

The best option for installation

Siding jobs are a BIG job. Sometimes your best option is to hire a local siding professional. Time has value to it. Do you have the time to complete your siding or re-siding job in a timely manner? Do you have all the tools needed for the job, and do you have the ladders or scaffolding necessary to complete the job safely? Bealing Roofing & Exteriors, Inc. has the experienced crew and the tools for the job to tackle your next York PA siding installation. 

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