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Reisterstown, MD, Siding Replacement Tips

Have you been noticing some issues with your siding? Are you unsure if it’s time to take the plunge and get some quotes from local siding contractors? Here are some Reisterstown, MD, siding replacement tips to get you headed in the right direction. 

When is it time to replace siding?

Have you been in your home for ten years or longer? Then the odds are pretty good that the siding on your home is the original siding. As siding ages, some key indicators to look for will give some clues to let you know the time is now for that siding replacement. Let’s take a look at a few. 

Warped, cracked, or missing siding

This one is pretty obvious as you can see all of these with the naked eye. Do a complete walk-around of your home to check for these defects. 

Heating and cooling bill fluctuations

Are you noticing some abnormal changes to your heating bill, particularly when your heater and air conditioner are running? The first place to check is that your attic ventilation is properly installed. If that checks out ok, then it’s a very real possibility something is amiss with your siding. 

Dry rot

As homes age and face the elements, dry rot behind siding is a potential area of concern. 

Periodically check for dry rot by tapping your siding. If an area gives, you have dry rot on the paneling behind your siding. This should be addressed quickly. 

Color fade of vinyl siding

Is your siding looking faded and “chalky?” Vinyl siding fades over time from the constant beating of the sun. 

One way to keep your siding looking its best is to maintain it and address problems early. Cleaning your siding can also help in having it last a long time. The key is to inspect your siding at least once per year. Make a note of any of the items above that you discover. If any of these issues are found, it’s a good time to consider replacing your siding. 

Your best bet is to call a local siding contractor in Reisterstown, MD. By using a local contractor, you will be able to verify their references easily. Word of mouth is also a great way to find the contractor who is right for you. Talk to family and friends about who they may have used for a recent siding job. Not only can they give you trustworthy recommendations, but they may be able to clue you in on some pointers they discovered during their own project. Bealing Roofing & Exteriors, Inc. has the expertise to help restore your home and make it look brand new with your siding replacement in Reisterstown, MD. Give us a call today and find out why so many trust their homes with Bealing!

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