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Roofing & Exterior Services

Bealing Roofing and Exteriors is known for providing quality roofing and exterior services in Hanover, PA, to homeowners and businesses. You can rest assured that whether you need roofing, siding, or gutter services, it will be done with the best craftsmanship and care. We understand that each job is unique, so we evaluate your exact project requirements before giving you an estimate. We always prioritize customer satisfaction, striving to exceed expectations with every job. You can trust our team to get the job done right, from repairs to replacements. Contact us today for more information about our services!

roofing & exterior services in Hanover, PA

Roofing Services

Roof Repair

Bealing Roofing and Exteriors is the go-to provider for quality roof repair services in Hanover, PA. We provide various solutions to all types of roof damage, from minor issues like leaks to more significant problems caused by storms or other extreme weather events. With our expertise, we can ensure that your roof is returned to its optimal condition, safeguarding your home against the elements and enhancing its overall longevity.

Roof Installation & Replacement

Whether you’re building a new home or replacing an old, worn-out roof, our roof installation and replacement services in Hanover are tailored to meet your specific needs. We specialize in asphalt shingles, which are known for their durability, cost-effectiveness, and aesthetic appeal. We exclusively employ high-quality asphalt shingles that are resistant to harsh weather and provide superior protection for your home. Our experienced team’s installation and replacement services ensure that your new roof will not only enhance your home’s appearance but will also deliver long-lasting functionality.

Siding Services

Siding Repair

Maintaining your home’s exterior siding is essential for protecting it against the elements and preserving its appearance. Over time, siding can become damaged due to weather, pests, or accidental impacts. Our siding repair services address common issues such as cracks, holes, warping, and fading. We employ high-quality materials and tried-and-true restoration processes to restore your siding’s functioning and aesthetics. Our trained professionals carefully examine the degree of damage and use the most effective repair options to provide a smooth finish. 

Siding Installation

When it’s time for a siding upgrade or installation in Hanover, PA, we offer a range of siding options to suit your preferences and budget. Our siding installation services include a variety of materials, such as vinyl, fiber cement, and wood, allowing you to customize your home’s exterior. We work closely with you to select the perfect siding that complements your home’s architectural design and personal taste. With our expertise, your new siding will enhance your home’s aesthetics and improve its energy efficiency and protection against the elements.

Insulation Services

Attic Insulation Installation

Proper attic insulation is crucial for maintaining a comfortable indoor temperature and reducing energy costs. Our professional installation team ensures that the insulation is evenly distributed and properly installed, eliminating gaps and air leaks. By improving your attic insulation, you can enjoy a more comfortable living environment and lower utility expenditures all year long.

Roof Insulation Installation

Roof insulation plays a critical role in maintaining your home’s energy efficiency and comfort. Our roof insulation installation services focus on using high-quality materials and tried-and-true methods to achieve maximum thermal performance. Whether you’re dealing with an old roof that lacks proper insulation or upgrading to a more energy-efficient solution, our team provides expert installation services that enhance your home’s overall efficiency. 

Chimney Services

Bealing Roofing and Exteriors offers complete chimney services in Hanover, PA, to protect your house or business’s safety and functionality. Our qualified technicians are experts in many aspects of chimney maintenance, including masonry repair and waterproof coating. 

Gutter Services

Gutter services in Hanover, PA, from Bealing Roofing and Exteriors, are essential to protecting your home or business from the elements. With our expertise and attention to detail, we can ensure that your gutters are working as they should and that your property is safe from water damage.

Benefits of Choosing Bealing Roofing & Exteriors

When you choose Bealing Roofing & Exteriors for your roofing and exterior services in Hanover, PA, you benefit from our extensive expertise and experience. Our expert professionals are committed to producing great results with high-quality materials and cutting-edge techniques. We employ a customer-focused approach, ensuring that each project is personalized to your specific requirements and preferences. With affordable prices and upfront estimates, we offer the best value for your money. Our dedication to quality and client satisfaction has earned us a valued reputation in the industry.

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