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Siding Repair in York County

The siding on your home has a number of important purposes. Perhaps the most important is that it protects your home’s exterior. Second, it provides curb appeal, which increases your home’s aesthetic look and value. Because of both of these reasons, you want to do a walk around inspection of your home and examine your siding. You may find areas that could use a little TLC and repair work. Here are some helpful tips for siding repair in York County. 

Minor holes/cracks

You will likely discover small holes or cracks that have formed in your siding. There are a number of factors that contribute to this. Small stones kicked up by a mower or stray baseballs from neighborhood kids at play are leading factors. Here is a quick and easy method to make the necessary repairs to fix these. 

Making repairs with caulk

Purchase a suitable caulk

The first thing you will need is a good quality exterior caulk. Ensure what you purchase is labeled for exterior use as it is designed to stand up to the temperature swings of the changing seasons. You will also want to make sure you find one that can be painted. 

Fill the hole in

Using a caulk gun, push the tip into the hole or crack you are filling. Squeezing the handle, dispense caulk from the caulk gun into the hole. Fill the hole or crack until caulk begins to seep out of the damaged area. This is important as you want to be certain you have completely filled the repair area. Once the area has been filled, take a damp rag and wipe off any excess caulk so that the remaining caulk is flush with the surface. 

Final clean up

Allow the caulk to cure for a few days. Next, carefully take a razor blade and scrape off any excess caulk.  

Paint non-colored caulk

If the caulk you purchased is close to the color of your siding, you are all set. If not, take a small sample piece of your siding to a hardware store. They can match the color for you. Clean the repair area thoroughly. Take a small brush and paint the repair itself. 

Repairing large areas

These steps will put you well on the way to addressing MINOR repair needs. You may encounter damage where a much larger repair is necessary. This could include replacing entire sections of siding. This type of repair presents it’s own set of challenges, including matching the siding color. One thing needs to be considered for larger repairs: Is it time to replace your siding? If your siding is older than ten years, you may want to at least consider this. 

Maybe siding repair of any kind is not your thing. Perhaps it’s time to take the leap and do a whole-house siding replacement. Give Bealing Roofing and Exteriors, Inc., a call. We have the experience to make any repair you need and get your siding looking brand new.

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