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Who Replaces Siding in Gettysburg PA

If you are in the market for new siding, you may be asking yourself who replaces siding in Gettysburg, PA? Bealing Roofing & Exteriors, Inc. has the know-how and expertise to be the contractor choice for your next siding project. We have one goal and that’s to treat your home like our own. We use only the highest-quality materials available to enhance the look of your home. When you choose us for your next siding project, your home is in good hands from the first row of siding to the last. Here’s a few things to consider when it comes to siding replacement. 

When is replacing siding necessary?

Have a home that is ten years or older? It’s likely your siding is looking a bit tired and worse. If your home is ten years or older, it is likely you still have original siding on your home. If you have lived there for at least ten years, there is a good chance siding replacement is something you should consider.

Give us a call and we can help you assess each of the following:

Warped, Cracked or Missing Siding

Nothing is more unsightly than siding that is warped. Cracked and missing siding just makes your house look rundown. All 3 are easy to spot. 

Heating and Cooling Bill Fluctuations

Believe it or not, siding plays a role in how efficiently you heat and cool your home. It serves as a protective barrier against the elements as well as the hot summer rays and cold winter winds. 

Dry Rot

This one is tough to spot. If you have older siding, tap on it. If it is beginning to dry out, it will be brittle and crack. 


When your siding starts bubbling, you may be facing a much deeper issue. In most cases, this is an indication that water has gotten behind your siding and has caused the plywood underlayment to bubble underneath. This is definitely something you will want a contractor to look at.

Color Fade of Vinyl Siding

Nothing makes or breaks a home’s curb appeal more than siding. Faded vinyl siding just looks unsightly. Freshen up your home’s appearance quickly with new siding.  

Regular maintenance of your siding is a great way to spot these issues early. Routine cleaning is a must to prevent unsightly mold buildup as well. The key is to, at minimum, do a walk around inspection annually. Make note of any items you discover. If any of these issues appear on your list, they are a very good case for considering a siding replacement. 

Give Bealing Roofing & Exteriors, Inc., your local Gettysburg, PA siding contractor, a call. By choosing local, you can rest assured you are going with a contractor you can trust who has established a reputation in the community. We will gladly share with you some contacts to check with from previous jobs we have done. Feel free to ask around your community as well. 

Bealing Roofing & Exteriors, Inc. has the siding expertise to help restore your home’s brand new look in Gettysburg, PA. 

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